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We have been made aware that some of "our" guns have turned up for sale on various internet gun boards,mostly on ARMSLIST, and the various GunTrader sites using our own photos and descriptions pilfered from our real listings, mostly at ridiculously low prices - please beware, THIS IS A SCAM! Jackson Armory ONLY sells on this website (jacksonarmory.com) and on Gunbroker (we are Seller "Jack County"), GunsInternational and, of course, in our retail store, located at 3416 Rosedale, Dallas, Texas. We DO NOT advertise on Armslist or the various GunTrader sites If you see any guns anywhere else online advertised as being for sale from Jackson Armory, that listing is a scam, and you should report it to whomever manages that website, referencing this post. Jackson Armory is not responsible for those listings. THANK YOU!
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