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Inspection Period/Return Policy/Warranty
INSPECTION PERIOD: Unless specified on an internet ad for a specific item, we have a THREE DAY non-firing/non disassemble inspection period by which a person can look over the item and be sure that how we describe the firearm is represented on the internet. Three days means that you or your FFL dealer received the gun from UPS or otherwise on a day, and the time clock begins. If you commit to buy an item, we require a deposit to take it off the internet. If you do not buy the item, we will assess a re-listing/re-stocking fee, this fee varies by the items cost. PLEASE READ THE AD DESCRIPTION. A few items may be AS IS/NO RETURNS. OUR DESCRIPTIONS: We do not and will not deconstruct the item into an exploded view with each part numbered and identified for every and all proof marks or inspector marks, unless it is a highly rare and valuable item that requires it. However, we will always provide due diligence in describing and photo documenting an item to the best our knowledge. For "in person" purchases, we do the same. RETURN POLICY: When you receive the item, check it over, reference the photos and description we have for an item. If we have inadvertently misrepresented an item, we will happily take the item back, provided that it is within the three day inspection from the shipping delivery date . We do not refund shipping/insurance costs. NON-RETURNS: Make SURE to ask ALL questions BEFORE buying an item! We will also not take back an item based on minor "picks" on an item. If the description and/or photo, represents the item, We will NOT take the item back if you fire the gun, disassemble the gun, swap parts, return the item in lesser condition than we shipped it, or return it after the inspection period. it is yours; you own it. There are extenuating circumstances by which we can allow some flexibility, but that will be on a case by case basis WARRANTY: Used items = no warranty. If an item has a warranty when we sell it to you, we will happily take responsibility for facilitating the repair. If there are repairs not covered under a factory warranty, the owner of the item may incur costs to repair. This may seem detailed and somewhat strict, but we all do our best to sell high quality items for a fair price with a high degree of service to our collectors and customers. Best regards, - Jackson Armory, LLC
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